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Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 8 @ Knights Hall - @ – 7:00 p.m.


Knights support:

Thanks to all the Knights that are working behind scenes to keep Hall & Park clean & disinfected while minimal activity but still having activity and small events. Also, special thanks to all the brother knight's that have answered Father Scott’s call for help to reach out to fellow Saint Joseph parishioners during these times.


September Council Meeting:

Meeting will be held at the Hall @ 7pm. We will be spreading out the chairs and taking precautions with hand sanitizer available at the door. All are welcome to attend. We will have a discussion on getting the Park & Hall rentals up and going as we stay within city/state covid regulations.


Thanks to all brothers that have paid their 2020 dues. We are currently at 82% paid for the year. Which is a really good turnout, but if you have not paid, please do so through the website and you can set up an auto PayPal acct. if you would like. Or you can stop by the hall. If you would like to mail, then please mail to P.O. Box 3115 Shawnee, KS 66203. Otherwise, we will have to contact each of the these knights and remind them. Also, if you are mailing your dues or dropping them off at hall, be sure to put your name with it. Thank you


BBQ competition: cancelled for 2020


Knights of Columbus Picnic:

We did not have an official picnic this year. Many members still got together cooked many burgers/dogs and sold cold beverages during the annual softball tourney. Huge thanks to the many members that on short notice put together a great day for the softball teams!!!


Final Note:

Please keep in your prayers the families of deceased members of our parish Ben Zarda, Steve (Jack) Allen and Msgr. Bergman. If any members know of any Catholic men that are interested in becoming a Knight, we might possibly try to get a degree to happen this fall/winter if we have a future members. Please everyone stay healthy and hope to see all of you at our next meeting. Thanks


Knight of the Month: Tom Clark


Family of the Month: Richard Marx Family



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