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Next Meeting: Tuesday June 14 @ The Hall – 7:00 p.m.


June Council Meeting: The upcoming meeting we will vote in all new officers for this upcoming year, with new officers starting the July meeting. Nominations are Grand Knight Chris Meyer, Deputy Grand Knight Jack Perry, Chancellor Matt Flickner, Advocate Larry Brunner, Recorder Nicholas Clow, Warden George Barter, Inside Guard David West, Outside Guard Michael Ramsey, 1st year Trustee Jake Rieke, 2nd year Trustee Bill Gery, 3rd year Trustee Kim Stevermer.


Monsignor Mullins 60th anniversary of ordination celebration on June 12th at McDevitt Hall. Help is still needed after noon mass to serve tea, lemonade and water. Help is also needed for cleanup afterwards. Show-up to help around 12:45 at McDevitt Hall and stay for cleanup if possible.


Urgent Info. Roe vs. Wade: Between now and the August 2ndVote, it is vitally important that you know the truth about the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment and what you can be doing to help ensure it passes. Value Them both committee will have yard signs and bumper stickers for Value Them Both to be handed out at the meeting and at church. The Knights will need volunteers to help going door to door and spreading the word.


Dues: Thanks to those that have paid their dues for 2022 already. To pay dues, we have added Venmo to make it even easier now. We are under 20 members unpaid for the year. Use the Venmo app and put in @KofC-Shawnee. On the memo line just put in dues. You can also mail to our council Financial Secretary Jason Brentano @ 6938 Oakview St. Shawnee, Ks 66216. Alternatively, go to our website and pay via credit card, which a fee will be added. Also, if you are mailing your dues or dropping them off at hall, be sure to put your name with it. Thanks!


Upcoming events: Sunday June 12th, the Knights will be helping with a luncheon in McDevitt Hall after the noon mass the celebrate Msgr. Mullen’s 60th anniversary of ordination. Saturday August 27th will be the Annual Knights Picnic at the Park.


K of C Park & Hall Rentals: Please RSVP sooner than later to rent the Park or Hall as many dates are starting to get booked for this upcoming year. If interested in the Park call Gary Vandeberghe. If interested in the Hall which is fully open for banquets etc. Please contact Mary & Rich Sutton. Also, if interested in helping bartend during Hall rentals please contact Rich or Mary Sutton.


THANK YOU: Thank you council for allowing me Jake Rieke to represent you, your council as your Grand Knight. These past couple years have been crazy to say the least, with all that has changed our country and our lives. Being GK has allowed myself to realize and gain so much more respect for all that our council not only does here locally, but state and nationally. Also I come to realize the amount of time members put in behind the scenes that do not get recognized. I’d love to mention each and every one of you, but I would be leaving out someone. So, thank you for all the you do for our council not only behind the scenes but all the take part in either an enormous amount of work and time or just a little bit. Our council is great, its strong and with that, Chris Meyer will be the one to take this council forward and will do a tremendous job. Thank you 2332 and hope to see you at our June meeting