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Next Meeting: Tuesday April 13 at the hall  @ – 7:00 p.m. 


 April Council Meeting: The upcoming Knights meeting will be in person at the Hall April 13. The chairs will be spread out with plenty of room for many members to attend. We will have sanitizer available. The more Knights that attend the meetings the smoother we can get ideas and agendas headed in the right direction. Hope to see you all at the meeting.


Dues: Thanks to the few that have already paid their 2021 dues. If you have not paid – please mail to P.O. Box 3115 Shawnee, KS 66203. Otherwise, we will have to contact each of these knights throughout the year and remind them. Also, if you are mailing your dues or dropping them off at hall, be sure to put your name with it. Thank you


100-year Anniversary: November 27,2021 our council will turn 100 years old. Bill Gery is currently needing help to gather history on our council. If you can help out, please get in touch with Bill Gery. His info is in the left column of newsletter.


Upcoming events: Jeff Lavery is heading up the over co-ed Over 18 soccer league on Tuesday nights at the Knights park again this year, If interested contact Jeff Lavery 913-522-9110 or


Chris Meyer & Jake Rieke are starting to plan the next Holy Smokes BBQ event this year at the Park. Start getting your teams together and we will have more details to follow.


KofC Park & Hall Rentals: The Park is filling up fast for the summer. There are currently many dates open for The Hall. The hall will hold up to 100 people currently for the restrictions. If interested in the Park call Gary Vandeberghe. If interested in the Hall contact Mary & Rich Sutton. Their contacts are in the left column.


Final Note: Thanks to all that were able to help and or support the Shrimp Dinner this year. It was definitely different but with all the help it turned out very well. Many hours do go into preparing each Friday dinner and many were a part of the help this year. The Knights would like to thank all the boy scouts that showed up to help package and run food out the door.


Knight of Month: Mike Reichmeier, for preparing each week’s Shrimp Dinner and making sure all were in line to handle making sure the food was prepped and ready to be served.


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